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Emily Hall D.C., CECP
Mom, wife, friend, daughter, teacher, helper, healer, decoder, chiropractor and follower of Christ.



My health journey started with my family needing help, LOTS OF HELP! We were all a hot mess. 


In 2018, our family health was in shambles! We lived in a house we later found out was completely infested with mold. We couldn’t figure out why we were seeing our health decline so rapidly. My husband suffered through two bouts of cancer. My children had a myriad of health concerns no one was having any luck figuring out. After a very traumatic birth and almost dying from a hemorrhage due to this birth, my health was a wreck. Worst of all, I was making my way through graduate school for Chiropractic and knew if I didn’t get help soon I would not be able to go on. I wasn’t able to think straight my brain fog was so thick. I wasn’t able to eat as everything I put into my body, healthy or not, was throwing my stomach into disarray. I suffered from Esophageal Ulcers and Eosinophilic ringing and had been admitted to the hospital on a number of occasions for a week at a time. Aches and pains terrorized my body including debilitating migraines I had experienced on a weekly basis since I was 5 years old. My heartbeats were completely random and weak. Needless to say I was so fatigued I had a hard time even just lifting my arms, let alone lift my now 18 month old or care for my 2 other older children.


I had been to several medical doctors, hospitals, chiropractors, and health practitioners. We ran just about every blood and urine test under the sun. The answer was always the same: “Let’s keep an eye on this and see where it goes”. No one was going to be able to “help” me until I was completely broken. That is until I found Nutrition Response Testing by chance at a "Lunch and Learn" when I volunteered myself and my 18 month old for a demonstration on how to muscle test babies for nutrition for Northwestern Health Sciences’ Pediatric and Pregnancy Club. As I experienced Nichi (my now friend and mentor) work, I had my first glimpse of hope that there may be a way back to health from just how far I had fallen. Soon after I started under her as a Nutrition Response Testing client. Interestingly, every since result we found with blood and urine tests, she found through Nutrition Response Testing in the first handful of visits!!!

It only took about 4 months to start seeing some serious results. I began feeling better slowly, week to week previously but around the 4 month mark I “woke up”. It felt like previous to this moment I had been stuck in a deep nightmare and wasn’t able to shake it. The day I woke up will be forever etched in my mind. Through all the changes to my diet and recording my dietary intake, regular appointments to help me stay on track, emotional support from Nichi and her ENTIRE TEAM, and taking my vitamins as recommended,  I went from almost failing my classes to pulling mostly “A’s”. I was able to play with my children without fatiguing. I was able to eat whole foods, meat, healthy fat, vegetables, and fruits without wanting to throw up anymore. I haven’t stepped foot in a hospital or medical doctor’s office ever since. My body and mind have been getting stronger and sharper on a daily basis. 

Complete bonus since starting care, I conceived and gave birth to two beautiful baby boys. Both pregnancies were the BEST I’ve ever had by far! So many of my “normal” pregnancy symptoms turned out to be simply a lack of proper nutrition! Even better was my ability to have a safe and healthy home births with almost no damage to my body. My babies are incredibly healthy. My midwives said my placenta was literally the “prettiest" placenta they had ever seen with my older boy born in 2020. Also, my umbilical cord was double the thickness of any they had previously seen. Just think of all the fantastic nutrition my baby was receiving through that umbilical cord by my being on a personalized nutrition plan!!

Needless to say, I couldn’t “unsee” what I experienced. This began my journey down the DEEP rabbit hole leading me to bring this type of healing to others! In the natural model we emphasize the "three legged stool” of health on which we stand on throughout our lives; physical (structural), chemical (nutrition), and emotional. I have dedicated my life to bringing this stool and solid ground to those in need. It is my desire to do my part so no one has to experience the frustration and maddening hopelessness I’ve gone through in not knowing what to do or where to go next just to live life!! 

In regaining my health, I am finally able to enjoy life again. I love being outdoors, riding bikes, swimming, and hiking. I enjoy prayer and praising the Lord, playing with my 5 children, watching movies, deep conversations with friends, baking and cooking, entertaining friends in my home, reading books (real books, you know… with pages! Lol), studying (yes, you read that correctly, I’m a complete nerd), singing, and finding ways to be creative (much to the dismay of my incredibly patient husband as I tend to make a sizable mess). Although I haven’t practiced in decades, I’ll forever be a ballerina at heart and I love to dance and move my body!

Hello everyone! I am Dr. Emily Hall DC, CECP, wife, mother, and yes, doctor.


above Christmas picture 2020

above September 2023 with my youngest

baby number 5!

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