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Muscle Testing:

I find a strong muscle to use for my testing, usually Anterior Deltoid as your arm is extended out in front of you. 

Is your body open to healing and neurologically well regulated? I test to make sure your body doesn’t have a stressor stopping it from healing; preventing you from getting results.


Organ Check:

By pressing on reflex points on your body and your strong muscle going “weak", I can find stressed organs, tissues, and glands as well as which of the five stressors are making it weak.


Organ Support:

Once a stressed organ is found, I find what nutritional support counters the weakness by making the “weak” muscle strong once more.

Final Check:

After finding all recommendations for nutritional support, I double check that the body can digest and use the support appropriately. This completes investigating all aspects needed for the body to heal, trouble shooting common obstacles before experiencing them.

If it’s one thing I can say, Nutrition Response Testing is a really amazing process, but, it isn’t for everyone. If you aren't a Nutrition Response Testing case, I won’t waste your time or money. If you are a Nutrition Response Testing case, in my personal and professional experience, there is nothing that will work as well or as fast to heal your body!


How much time will this take? 

Well, that depends on your body. We are working to strengthen the body by rebuilding on the cellular level first, cell turnover in the body takes between 1-2 days up to 120 days depending on which tissue in the body is affected. Clinically, I’ve noticed it takes about one month per decade you are old to start seeing the majority of results in the transition to full health, as a rule of thumb (if you will allow the expression), and once we hit that point is usually when the “magic” really begins!


What can I do to ensure results happen as quickly as possible?

This type of program works best by giving the body two things: consistency in the care plan recommended and the time it needs to heal. 


There are three phases to healing:

 • In the first phase we are fine tuning your nutrition plan. By following your nutrition plan, diet and lifestyle changes as closely as possible, the body changes and it changes quickly!! I recommend seeing you once a week to stay ahead of those changes while your body stabilizes. 

• Second phase is the healing phase. This is where time, consistency, and patience are the most important. In this phase, I recommend seeing you every 2-3 weeks, observing how your body reacts to the increased time for healing.

• Finally, maintenance phase is exactly what it sounds like: maintaining health while navigating through this toxic world! In this phase, I will see you every 4-6 weeks working our way to once every 6 months.

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is a non-invasive system of analyzing the body in order to determine the underlying causes of ill health. When these are corrected through safe, natural, nutritional means, the body can repair itself in order to attain and maintain more optimum health. 

This simple, but effective process uses the body’s own reflexes to identify organs, tissues, and glands under stress. What sets Nutrition Response Testing apart is the question “Why?”. Why is this organ, tissue, or gland under stress? Commonly, five different stressors are identified as the culprit(s) to stress in the body; food sensitivities, immune challenges, toxic metals, chemicals, and active scar(s) on the skin’s surface. In identifying the “why” of the body’s stress, designed clinical nutrition plans can be created based on an individual’s specific needs. I use nutritional supplements as well as dietary and lifestyle changes to transform your body into the best version of your health. 

An overly simple breakdown of the process and what to expect:

What my Clients Say

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